Thursday, June 21, 2012

Normalcy I Guess...

Life seems to be moving back on track. The empty brain has been put to work(office) and am struggling to find foothold. Life is suddenly back on usual track where you slog/work in office, come back and you hardly have time for brain cells to think over anything. 
Moreover rather next couple of months just look tied up on the calendar now courtesy ADHM (Airtel Delhi Half Marathon). I started running around 2 years back and Nov 2010 I ran first ever half marathon and pledged as long as I stay in Delhi I would run every year. Now in its 8th year ADHM has decided to move the race from the wonderful season of November (which happens to be just the right time to run) to a scorching and sultry September.

I know irrespective of how much I crib the sponsors aren't going to change the schedule. They wouldn't have even if I was their star runner which am not(barely manged to complete it in quarter past 2 hours last yr). The schedule is for 30th Sept which leaves me with approx 90 days of training. The worst part the training has to be in the current climatic conditions :-( . All I can pray for to Delhi Weather Gods is to have mercy on our poor souls both for the training as well as D day. Since I have completed half marathons last 2 yrs the incremental goal is to complete it under TWO hours {shouldn't personal goals be set higher every yr when professional goals bench marking is improved every yr ;-P }.

The registration starts from 5th of July and here the link to my buddies who intend to participate this year  Airtel Delhi Half Marathon

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