Monday, December 31, 2012

Experience or mistake ?

Well I really do not know how to describe the state of my mind right now. So whatever is going to follow would be rambling at its best. Let me go in the reverse order of how things have been happening. Just got a call from my home and got a news that one of my distant cousins is getting hitched in coming months. Thought it did make me really happy for her but (though nothing directly or indirectly was exchanged between me and my parents) every time I get a call it somehow sounds like a warning bell. There was time(not very long ago) when I considered my parents as my best buddies and they were the first people with whom I would share anything and everything happening in my life. But it seems I lost the balance somewhere without even realizing. It's not that I do not share with them anymore but I guess my life is not that happening now. I can feel they aren't that comfortable in sharing and talking with me they way it used to be and am equally responsible for it if not more or less. Bringing up the topic of marriage is difficult task for them and probably they know that I am not ready for it since I have voiced up my reservation boldly quiet a few times. Its not that I have something against the system but it doesn't make sense getting in a relationship when you aren't 100% ready just because you want them(people you love) to be happy.

BTW my sister returned back to India after more than 6+ years last week and I went home and we got to spend a weekend together (its always great to have your siblings around ). One of the prime reasons I offered for not taking long term abroad assignments but now I do not need them anymore since she is back and I am out of the corporate world. While I was home for the weekend, experienced a learning though it was costly (50k) but isn't that what you call a mistake :-P. My truck(Safari) was hit by a full grown up truck(sand lorry) while we were waiting a traffic signal to turn green. To cut a long story short we made a deal with the truck owner over phone that he covers my damage and I let his truck go. So the learning was

  1. Never trust someone even though he may sound really genuine (since the guy turned turtle once my car was given for repair). 
  2. Never under-estimate the Indian judicial system for it would always leave you disappointed.
  3. Never speak of things which you cant accomplish yourself.
Life at the B-school is chilled out though there are always quizzes, assignments, projects to keep you busy. And of-course the scores which I manage here (apart from couple of exceptions) would make people who know my academic background wonder if getting MBA is so difficult. Since its the last day of year the customary thoughts of what I did and didn't are back on my mind but let me keep that up for a separate post.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Behavior Gyaan

Well I have a subject called the Organisational Behavior(OB) in my current Term at the University which made me go through some self evaluation tests. The purpose of the Professor was solved to some extent for sure since it made me introspect(not sure about others in class) and help me in observing some of everyday behavior in details. So get ready for philosophy and psychology gyaan.

Now the first part of the exercise is done of finding own mistake and second which is correcting the behavior should be starting sometime soon hopefully.
  1. Its fairly easy to pick up others fault and criticize without even thinking.
  2. During a lecture if you are discussing something with your neighbor you are either resolving your own query or solving his doubts.
  3. While if someone else does the same thing, you feel they are morons :-) (cant they do it later) since the murmur created is disturbing the class/session especially when batch strength is closer to 80s.
  4. Its difficult to admit own mistakes especially when someone else had pointed it out, it would be easy when you have realized it yourself.
  5. You always have an idea or solution to a problem/issue and you feel that's the best way to handle it.

The list can be pretty long but I better wind it up. The post was started few days back but couldn't find time to complete it and what better time to complete it when you are supposed to attempt 2 mid term papers in the morning and you stay awake late to study and then you realize you can study a subject to understand and apply it but its impossible to complete it when you know you would be evaluated on how much have you retained. BTW one of 2 the papers is OB and that's how I came back to the blog. Keeping fingers crossed as they say I am sure I would manage the grades though I haven't prepared for it just like the good old engineering days :-).

Oh I forgot to add the funny part one of the tests described me as "The Doer" kind of guy who wants to get the hands dirty and make things work (to which I agree largely). While I was going through the description it also stated that these kind of people are not good at theory and give little or no importance hence they not good at higher education since it deals mostly with theories. Now it makes me wonder if I did a right thing to opt for studies again :-P.