Sunday, November 04, 2012

The Change

Its been long since I have put up something here and life has been on a fast track. The previous post had been in draft for months now so first thing I did was publish it as it was. To cut a long story short "the crossroad" was continuing the professional career or taking a break as mentioned in lot of my previous posts as well.So finally I took the plunge to end the Bachelors tag and get a Masters by landing up at B school instead of my personal life :-P.

Frankly the time flew so fast that I don't even remember putting down my paper and serving the full notice period though having the option to move out early. I did regret the decision of not having a break between the office and college only in the last week as 2 days I had went of in winding up the formalities. Before the feeling sank in that am out of job I was loading my stuff in the car to drive down to college.

Going back to studies is no big deal and I personally know loads of people who have done it lot later than me and that too after having loads of personal and family commitments. But going back to studies leaving laptops and using pen, notebooks after close to 7 years is totally different story.Night-outs which were frequent during engineering days now look like a big effort. You are handed assignments which you have no clue about and it needs to be submitted the next morning and that too right in the second week so you end up slogging the entire night.

The best part of the entire change is that I got to make a whole bunch of new friends and ultra cool ones. Everyone who comes here has a good amount of professional work exp (avg 4+ yrs) but all of them super young at heart and behave just like school kids and its fun to be in the group and act like one yourself. I never had any constraints of sticking with a particular industry but after all the previous years being in IT sector and sudden shift to Banking ticks the rational part of the brain sometimes. That's all for now and hopefully I would keep the blog updated lot more often since the grey matter is subjected to 6 different courses every week now :-).