Sunday, October 05, 2008

Hello World!!!

That’s the first program we write when ever we start learning a computer language. Being a software engineer I couldn’t come up with anything better to name my first post.

After close to 3 yrs of being lazy enough and finding excuses for not putting any posts, I finally decided to change things for better. The “about me” section of the page describes me well enough, but it’s old (about 3 yrs) and there a lot of things which have changed.

Well let me summarize things out here, from a would be Software Engg. to one now, has been a journey marked with all ups and downs both on personal as well as professional front. Wanted to change the world and had big dreams but then realized that where I want to be in life wouldn’t be possible if I stick to what I was doing. Want to be an entrepreneur and achieve all the good things which I have dreamt off.
I started my career with one of the largest IT corps (not my fault [:(]) in India as it was one of first few companies which visited the campus during placements in our University, little did I realize that the CTC offered in letter (looked decent enough) is lot different to take home you get and being in city like Bangalore it was just enough for subsistence.
As soon as the realization sank in and it stuck that I have bank who is waiting to milk the goat/cow (in this case poor me[:(] for the education loan I took) which it feed for 4 yrs, I decided to do something. BTW I forget to add, in the mean while I made couple of great friends (very successful- professionally n financially) who could suggest/advise me the right things at right moments. So I switched jobs maybe a bit too early in once career (but that’s ok), right now I work for an ERP giant whose name I cant say but it’s a three letter word, which starts with “S” ends with “P” and has an “A” in between [:)].They pay me well enough to maintain a decent lifestyle but doesn’t come close to what I would love to have.

Well personally I feel you can find the shades of all three characters from the movie DCH. I could be really crazy and do things on impulse like “Akash”-Aamir, could even act dumb like “Sameer”-Saif and could be very serious and introvert like “Sid”-Akshaye. Empirically I can associate myself with Sid (maybe coz of same name) more as my interest to elder ladies has been evident in few relationships I have had (something which I guess I shouldn’t be proud of) , but they don last long like the way it was with Akash (hope I find my Shalini soon [:)]).

But now I have taken the onus to change things bit by bit. Because of which you are able to see the first ever post[:)]. I have picked up book reading again, joined a gym which I have been planning for yrs now, have started nurturing my dream and putting action behind all my plans. This was a short update (doesn’t look very short though) about changes, I will try to come up with some more generic rantings[:)] in the next post.