Monday, April 27, 2009

Freedom :-)

First things first. Well let me start this post by giving due credit to someone who deserves it, the credit goes to office shuttle pal of mine who pens downs regularly. I stumbled upon her blog and she seems to have nice flair in putting down everyday stuff. I read quiet a few posts and believe me they were interesting.

I have been a lazy bum and have been planning to update blog for long time but there is no bigger reason than excusitis(refer-The Magic of thinking BIG). It’s all together a different story that I do keep myself busy with lot of other things but it wouldn’t be true if I say I wasn’t able to find time for it. Things have been really going on fast track for me on every front of life. Be it the professional or personal, I have moved back to a team where I started my career with the ERP giant and personally I got to learn lot about handling relationships and letting them go.

Since my parents visited me last months for the first time ever in the last 8 yrs since I moved out of the cushions of home sweet home to face this wonderful world on my own, it was probably one of the best times I got to spend with them. It’s different again when you visit your parents one/twice every yr and when they pay you a visit. I took long vacation from my office and ended up visiting lot of holy cities across south India.

Since I have done my grad even in south I was making the trip to most of the cities for the second time. But it was so different though it’s been hardly a couple of yrs, last time I visited it was with college buddies and friends. In that situation you hardly give a damn to world and you want to enjoy the most. While this time it was responsible and mature me who wanted every small thing to be taken care of since I wanted my parents to have the best experience.

I forgot to add, I share my apartment with a buddy of mine who is CA by profession and great pal of mine. Now the catch here is, he got engazed recently and would be marrying by the end of the yr. Since he already knows he is gonna drown, so he doesn’t want to go down all alone and made his best efforts to pull me down too. He did all he could to convince my parents they should find a match for me as well. But who can tie a free spirit and since I share a great rapport with my parents (they are more of buddies than parents), I was one who ended up triumphant and buying more time. This is atleast what I thought but I dint know the damage was already done. Maybe they always had plans for me but never shared, but now after this trip of theirs this topic is definitely there on agenda list for their weekly phone calls.

Well I have a freedom to choose my life-partner just like all the post independence modern nuclear families, but I guess they (parents) don’t understand and might be they over estimate, with relationship comes lot of other things as well and the biggest of all is the responsibility. Life would be so wonderful if it was just like most of the hindi movies where THE END had a blissful marriage and happy ever after life. But in real life the story starts after you have exchanged the vows.

Life as bachelors is cool, you do what you wish and not what you should and can still escape. I am sure there would lot of people out there who would agree with me. I still haven’t thought of title for the post but I guess Freedom sounds apt enough to describe the state of bachelorhood which I am enjoying at the moment and living life at my own terms. I don’t know why some said “Grass on the other side is always greener” but somehow that doesn’t hold true in this case. I don’t deny that the grass is green on the other side but it’s not greener than on this side. I absolutely don’t have anything against the wonderful concept of wedlock but well let me dedicate this post to all the bachelors out there who are still holding their forte and having great time.

PS: I attended wedding reception for a friend of mine today, so you can understand where it all came from :-P.