Thursday, June 06, 2013

Term 3 so far...

Well its more than a month now since I moved in here but there are plenty of updates. When I started drafting this post it was just a week here. There are so many threads on my mind right now & am struggling to pick up one. Lets me move in chronological order - I landed up here on 1st May and after parking my luggage headed straight to explore the city and check out the bank.

As its there in most of the stories, the stars were with me too. I reached the bank and ended up meeting a guy who stayed right next to it. I went for inquiring about places for rent and he offered me an accommodation since his room mates had shifted to native places recently. So without making much of an effort I got a place to stay to. Btw we are 5 (Arko, Anadi, Gayatri and Sarvesh) of us including myself from the University interning together here. Arko and Sarvesh too shifted at our place after a couple of days of house hunting when they couldn't find a better option.

In one of my previous posts I had mentioned that I had been blessed with great manager and mentors till date and the same story continues here as well. Our mentor is lady who is couple of levels above in the hierarchy and has banking experience of close to 2 decades. Best part is she treats us like her own kid and its always fun whenever she is around. So basically instead of just monotonous learning we are having ball of a time (great combination of learning + fun).
Since there was no space to adjust 5 of us together we have been allocated the Board Room where we had been spending major part of our time in discussions/gossips/training etc. During one such day we started discussion of  making a Gujarat trip while we are here, and voila within no time a plan was made for the next weekend to cover half of prosperous state. The only thing pending was formal approval from Managers and once we shared it with our mentor she promised to take care of that too :-). Hence we ended up making a whirlwind tour of Dwarka, Porbandar, Somnath, Gir National Park and Diu. It was approx 1700 kms trip which was covered over 3 days in Innova taxi.

Not to forget I drove for about 500 kms while the driver enjoyed the break and I just loved the roads in Gujarat, moreover it was first long drive in the wonderful car and now I know why Toyota have ruled in the MUV segment for so long. Though I love my beast(Safari) too for the driving pleasure and the occupants comfort but the third row is definite plus on long routes and 6+ members of group/family when it comes to Innova.

Let me not get offtrack but this was one of the most wonderful trips I have made in recent years. Interestingly am not the religious kind of person and majority of the places we visited were all the holy places but still had a great fun coz of the group we had. Since its already a long post, let me close this one here.

PS: one of my fav pic from the trip above.

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Pratul Raghav said...

I just can't tell you how good you write buddy. Really simple still captivating. Keep them coming. And good to know that you are having a good time. :)