Saturday, April 13, 2013


Just had a look at the traffic stats of my blog page and realized that since I have become more regular blogger, the page visits have increased significantly. Interestingly I do not get feedback but just page visits hence the scope of improvement lies completely on me. The best part about stats is its descriptive enough to let me know the country of my visitor + browser + OS details. Couple of my best pals (are in US, UK) know that I blog and its a way they know that whats happening my life too, hence I could figure out when I get page visit from abroad that they checked out my post.

Well I stumbled across a video which uses sarcasm to drive an important point. Since I liked it, I thought of sharing it too.

When you don't blog for a long time, you have enough ideas for a new post and you really need to scramble what to use and what not. Couple of observations/feedback and confessions which are on my mind right now. 
  • You cant expect same techniques or ways to work with everyone. In a place method would work like butter on a parantha/toast while it might not yield any results sometimes.
  • People can have exactly different opinion about you (or you might have opinion about others) which is stark contrast of the actual scenario. 
  • I have never been comfortable with technological device now referred as mobile/cellphone/smartphone. I can talk for hours if I meet someone(face 2-face) but over phone I just run out of topics both on the professional as well as personal front. I understand that being a banker this device would be lifeline in coming yrs and am working to improve myself. 
  • There would always be some people in whose company you never feel comfortable and vice-versa as well.
  • And there would be some with whom you feel like as if you have known them for years though you might have just met them. Fortunately most of the people I meet fall in this category.
  • Looks can be deceptive and they sure are atleast in my case, since everyone around me feels that am super sincere and studious while I am extremely chilled out.
Btw the back counting is on, just another week before we are out of campus for 6 months internship and am really looking forward to it. And the score is 2 down out of 7 (exams we need to write in each term) :-).

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