Saturday, April 13, 2013


Weekend between exam is ideal time to waste & then crib later that you should have used it better. Well I am done with 2 exams in which I had the least internal and more over had no clue about the subject. There are always some subjects where you just do not get enough interest to make efforts. Though I had attended every single lecture but the retention was zilch. Oddly enough after a long time I made efforts for a subject right on the last night before exams by reading chapters. Probably it was the fear of failing that kept me awake through nights, the last time I remember a similar feat would have been engineering first year exams where I had made any sort of effort for exam but then motive was different (competition).

I do not know if it was a good feeling to have, but yes I did study since E/F grades would definitely not look good on any grade sheet. Well as most people say its the end result which matter and not the efforts put in, I am sure I would pass both exams. The remaining 5 should be fine unless the retention ratio abnegates recall function of the memory. Right now the only thing which is on everybody's mind here is the location list as we call it, it is the posting where we would be doing our term 3-4 internships which is expected to be out by 15th Apr.

The next 6 months might be really crucial for my professional career and hence am waiting curiously as well. If I get a location of my choice great nothing beats that, but even if I don't get it as long as the learning and exposure is right I will manage. The only flip side which I have heard based on feedback from previous batches is that we might get a position where exposure and learning both might take a backseat and the entire process is just a formality. Since I have been blessed in my career so far by being in right place at right time, I expect the things to stay the same way and I move to right location. 

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