Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jump Start

I will start exactly like my last post by the credit, this time it goes to 2 events first- old pen pal of mine who got in touch with me as she was got an interview call from the same firm I work with and
second- the movie “Dhobi Ghat”
(Note: If you haven’t watched the movie yet please don’t go ahead with this post of mine as I might end up spoiling your movie experience)

Let me try to give a brief first about my blogging habits, oh that’s a wrong term I used here(2 blogs in 5 yrs :-Q) and I call it habit? Since the last post let me try and recall, hmmm so the count is three or four times I have tried putting few sentences and sometimes even a couple of paragraphs together and come up with a post but have ended up closing the word doc without saving it.
So it is not that I wasn’t trying but just couldn’t find enough words/ just ran out of ideas/sometime lost the steam before I could complete a piece. Enough of clarifications for being incompetent or lazy bum :-). There are so many things on my mind right now that I am literally struggling to pick one thread and give some shape. Every time I have gone in chronological order to describe events let me go reverse now.
Just back after watching the movie which I went with couple of colleagues of mine and both of them ended up not enjoying it at all. I won’t try to defend the movie since I am not paid for it :-P. But here is what I think about it, the audience at the end are left with lots of things unanswered and for them to complete on their own. Can somebody suggest alternate ending? Usual happy ending would have been
1) Shai ends up being with Arun
2) Arun being reunited with his kid/wife back in Australia
3) Arun finding Yasmin who didn’t die and is a loner now like him.
I am sure there could be lot of possible options but what I liked the most was unconventional end of the movie and some really cool shots of human emotions like Yasmin first talk on the tape or Munna posing in front of mirror thinking about his portfolio or the guilt Shai felt being caught at Arun’s place when Munna is delivering clothes etc.
I won’t try to hurt anyone feeling by saying that you need to understand to like a movie( have already done it once) but I applaud the filmmaker on trying to make something different and can assure I wasn’t the only one who came out of theatre enjoying the movie. There is not much story but loads of emotions in the movie and pretty well captured.

Well let me end this post by just being a review and defending the movie which I said I wont :-P. I would continue with reverse order of events in the coming post and for now let me think of title before I can post it up.

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Here it goes... the first comment to it and all i would say... keep writing :)